Summer Intensive Japanese Courses

Please check the proficiency level of each course before you enroll.

Courses Starting Point Textbook
J5 / J305*
First-Year Intensive


Prerequisites: none

Genki, Vol. 1 & 2, Second Edition, Japan Times (L1~L21)

Online materials

J20 / J320*
Second-Year Intensive
Intermediate Low
Can read and write about 250 Kanji

Prerequisites: completion of J3 or the equivalent

An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese

Third-Year Intensive

Intermediate Mid + Authentic Japanese: Progressing from Intermediate to Advanced [New Edition] (2012) by O. Kamada et al.

*J305,  J320, or J325 are variable unit courses (9-15 units) for graduate students.

** The enrolled applicants in J20/J320 or J105/J325, who did not take the prerequisite courses at Stanford, will take a placement test on the first day of the summer session, and will be placed into an appropriate course. The placement test will examine the participant’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Cultural Activities:
The students will be invited to participate in various cultural activities throughout the summer. In the past we offered sessions in calligraphy, tea ceremony, aikido, naginata, and field trips to local Japanese cultural spots.